From Osaka to Gabicce, from Tokyo to Rimini.

Welcome to NOI: as a meeting, as an exchange, as a greeting.

At a time when diversity is scary, where habit seems to us to be the right path, where one's own belief discriminates against us, we reiterate the concept that we believe in a global community, where differences, customs and beliefs belong in the same way inside this great pronoun that encompasses all us (NOI).

NOI’s feeling is to feel the same in being different, in the sense of belonging to a group that loves to share, know and discover the most beautiful thing in the world that we live.

Traditions and cousine, dances and crafts, fashions and languages ​​are just a few steps of a huge carousel called humanity. So love how to respect, believe how to allow, open how to understand that there is beauty and good everywhere and in anyone, because "NOI" includes everything and everyone.

Our "YOSHOKU-FUSION" cuisine philosophy is today a point of reference on the Romagna-Marche coast. Our mission is to always offer products of excellence and the continuous search for new emotions.

Gabicce Mare Morciano Romagna